ECOLOGY, environment & Machine Learning

This is a personal research website of Masahiro Ryo. With some illustrations this page introduces very promptly how I view my own works. For detailed information, please also visit other pages from the tab.

linking our understanding From soil microbes to our society


To maintain our daily life and active society, we need safe, stable supply of water, foods, and energy. Ecological systems and biodiversity offer the services (ecosystem service). 


Ecosystem services are maintained by tons of players ranging from microbes, plants, to animals, in water, soil, and lands. They are not working in isolation but interactively. 


We think that we understand well how the natural systems work and therefore we successfully manage them to keep our society in a healthy active condition. But, this may not be true. We are probably too excessively consuming the natural resources, which is good for a short-term, but the way we access to the nature is not sustainable for a longer-term. 


My research challenge is to deepen our understanding about how the natural systems behave, which helps us consider how to better manage the nature and make our society sustainable.

I see myself in the face of the challenge as both 'theoretical ecologist' and 'data scientist'.


As a theoretical ecologist, I look for basic rules about how dynamic systems work, which can direct us how we should study natural and ecological systems.


As a data scientist, I discover key information from complex data, using machine learning tools.

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